Elementor Page Builder is a blessing to wordpress themes. With this ultimate plugin you don’t have to be a programmer or a web freak, you can simply drag and drop the pre-designed widgets and create an awesome website for your own self or for your clients.




Elementor is fully responsive with almost all the wordpress themes. The Elements are fully responsive on Desktop, Tab or Mobile Mode. Making changes to one mode does not affect the other modes.


The client support is very helpful & friendly. You can count on them. Great Community, with their experts on chat are very prompt and active. When I had a chat with them, they were impressive.


Great Price! You certainly get what you pay for. Personal Plan - Starts at $49/Year for 1 Website, Plus Plan for $99 for 3 Websites and the best plan for web designers is the Expert Plan - for 1000 sites.


A very user friendly interface, you don't have to be a tech freak to work on it. Great for Beginners. Pretty simple & ready made templates to pick from and you can create awesome websites.

The Elementor

In 2016, a group of IT professionals, who were fed up with the slow process of website designing offered by WordPress developed a page builder named Elementor. Since its development, Elementor has grown to 2 million people worldwide which include freelancers, marketers, developers, businesses. Elementor is easy to use and this is why it has been popular among millions of people.

Elementor is available in a free version and pro version. In contrast to the free version of other page builders, the free version of the Elementor includes several powerful features. This means you can give your boring website a professional look. If you don’t have enough to purchase the pro version, even then its free version is a great tool.

If you want some advanced features and all-round solution for your website then you will have to purchase its Pro Version. To know more about Elementor and the plugins themes it uses you should read the following review.

Installation of Elementor

Adding Elementor to the WordPress install is a quite simple and easy process. The installation of Elementor becomes easier if you own its Pro version. To install Elementor you will have to install the ZIP file and then you will have to upload it using the “Add Plugins” screen.

This process is comparatively easier than the WordPress page builders which have to be uploaded using FTP. If you want to make your Pro Version then you will also be needing the free version of Elementor.

Features of Elementor Page Builder

#1 Front End Page Builder

Elementor is the best front-end page builder and in comparison with a back-end page builder, it is far better. In a back-end page builder, a person has to wait for some time before seeing the changes they have made to their website. This means if you are just updating the heading color even then you will have to wait for a few seconds before you can view it.

This is the reason why WordPress websites are slow and tedious. Being a front-end page builder, you can have a real-time preview of the changes you have made. So whether you are adding a button or are adjusting it or shifting it from a single to multi-column layout you will see the changes quickly.

Elementor Front End Interface

#2 Blocks and Templates

  • Blocks – Blocks are referred to as preset sections that can be easily loaded to your page. The blocks are available for all types of sections such as About Us, call-to-actions, FAQs, list of features, testimonials, etc. For adding blocks in your Elementor page builder you will have to click the Folder icon and then you will have to click blocks. Now select the type of block you want by going to the category.
  • Templates – Templates are great in saving your time. Using the templates you can create a page in a matter of seconds. Let’s suppose there is a landing page template present in the page templates so if you want a landing page for your tech brand then you can load it to your website with ease.

    To add templates you will have to click the folder icon and then a new window opens with a list of page templates. After you have selected your template you will have to click insert and in a matter of seconds, your template will be fully loaded on your page. Moreover, the templates are also dibble so you can edit them as you want.

Elementor Templates

#3 Mobile and Tablet-Friendly Website Builder

The majority of the people use their smartphones for accessing the Internet thus having a mobile-friendly website is a plus. Once you have started to customize your website in Elementor you can easily include different margins or paddings in your sections. To do this you will have to click the desktop icon present along with the publish button and then you will have to click mobile and tablet.

One thing you should note here is that making changes to one mode does not affect the other modes. Let’s suppose if you have changed the spacing in the Mobile mode, then it won’t affect the spacing of the desktop mode. Isn’t it just amazing!!

#4 In-Line Text Editing

Another amazing feature of Elementor is that it features in-line text editing. It allows you to edit texts on the preview. This feature makes this editor simple and easy to use as you don’t have to beaver.

#5 Supports all WordPress Themes

A great thing about Elementor is that you can design your pages using any WordPress theme. Usually, people recommend 4 WordPress plugin themes that are compatible with Elementor. These 4 themes are: Astra, Ocean WP, Page Builder Framework Theme, and Generate Press. These are available in both free and paid versions. These themes make your website look visually appealing.

#6 Layout Controls

Some of the page builders available, provide little flexibility over where you position the elements and also eliminate the need for custom codes. But with the Elementor page builder, you are provided with a variety of intuitive controls so that you can adjust and position the widgets, sections and columns as per your need.

You can also adjust the padding and margin for sections, columns and widgets manually. Moreover, you are also allowed to adjust the column widths by just dragging the divider present between the columns. You can also position the widgets of your page vertically within a column. Creating a blank space between the columns also becomes easy with the Elementor page builder.

#7 Clean Your Code if You Deactivate Your Elementor

When you deactivate your page builders like WPBakery Page Builder or the Divi Builder then there are chances that there will be a mess of shortcodes. But if you deactivate your Elementor then there won’t be any clean code behind.

Packages in Pro Version of Elementor

The Pro version of Elementor includes 3 Personal packages, Plus and Expert. The features present in each of the packages are the same but the difference amongst them is about the number of websites you have to create. For a person who owns a small bakery business and wants a site for his business then the personal package is the right choice for him.

On the other hand for a web-design freelancer who has to create several websites for his clients the expert package is great.
As far as its licensing is concerned, it looks confusing but still, it is very simple. If your license gets expired all your access to future updates, support, templates, blocks and drag & drop features will be gone. Still, you will be able to use the modules of the Elementor Pro, theme building features, pop-up features, etc. If you are the active member then there is a 25% renewal discount and 30-day money-back guarantee for the purchases you have made.

Upgrading to the Pro Version

Features available in the free version are quite little for creating a decent and beautiful website layout. So, if you want some advanced features you should upgrade to the Pro Version. Even though the free version includes several powerful features but still the Pro version has its plus points. The following are some of the reasons why you should be consider upgrading to the pro version.

#1 Customization of every part of the theme

In the free page builders, you are limited to editing only the content area of the page. Moreover, you can’t edit the area like headers, footers, archives and search result pages as you will be need coding to edit these areas. So, if you don’t know to code you won’t be able to edit them. But Elementor Pro allows you to create and edit:

  • One or more than headers
  • Footers
  • Blog post template
  • Search result page
  • 404 page
  • Blog post page
  • Archive page

#2 Consists of several additional modules

Unlike the free version of Elementor, the Pro version includes 30 additional modules that come in handy while creating different parts of your website like:

  • Countdown
  • Media carousel
  • Review
  • Price list
  • Flip box
  • Share buttons
  • Blockquote
  • Forms such as contact, opt-in and login forms
  • Grid blog posts
  • Form integrations
  • Pricing tables
  • Woo-Commerce features like categories, add to cart and products

#3 Full access to a wide variety of pro templates and blocks

The pro version of Elementor is equipped with professionally made templates and blocks that are useful when you are to create your website.

All of these professional templates and blocks allow you to create your websites using animated headlines & slides, stunning forms and several other advanced features.

#4 You can easily change the role of access

The most common issue faced by the majority of the developers is that when their client jumps here & there on the website and starts changing the design of the website and drag & drop the modules here & there. It results in messing up the entire website and increases the workload of the developer.

Even the webmasters face a similar problem when they hire content writers and editors. So as a solution Elementor Pro allows you to change that what each role can edit on the website. To change the role access you will have to click on the Elementor and then select the role manager.

#5 Features pro updates and 24/7 support

Elementor is updated frequently by the Elementor support team to fix the issues faced by the users and to keep on adding new features in the Elementor. The 24/7 support of Elementor can also be availed by the Pro subscribers. The 24/7 support has sufficient knowledge about the website and their help can save your valuable time and money.

#6 Marketing becomes easier with Elementor Pro integrations

Well if you are to implement an aggressive marketing strategy for your website then you can use integrations with several other apps like HubSpot, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Zapier and MailChimp. With the help of these apps, you will be able to build your email list, your conversion rates will also increase and you won’t have to leave your Elementor interface.


Pros & Cons Elementor
[i2pc][i2pros]Best Front-End Website Builder
A wide array of templates and blocks
Pro subscribers can create custom footers and headers
Pro subscribers are also allowed to create post type layouts
Powerful website personalization features
Stunning popup builder[/i2pros][i2cons]Lacks Whitelabel version
3rd Party add-ons are problematic
No schema in header builder[/i2cons][/i2pc]

The Conclusion

Amongst several pros of the Elementor website builder, there are only a handful of cons. All of its features make it the best WordPress website builder. Unlike other page builders available, Elementor allows you to create a stunning and eye-catching website in a matter of minutes.

It also allows you to maintain the performance of your website. Even the free version of Elementor is the best for the beginners. Elementor is the best WordPress page builder that helps you make your website using your wild imaginations without using any code.

Amongst the reviews of 2019 and 2020, our team of researchers has found out that Elementor is the best and easy to use website builder.