How to Make Money From a Web Hosting Affiliate Program
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How to Make Money From a Web Hosting Affiliate Program | 2020

How to Make Money From a Web Hosting Affiliate Program

If you are a Web Designer, Blogger, YouTuber or probably a WordPress Freak and you know how to make basic websites. You should get yourself hitched to some hosting platform because every website whether it’s a business website or affiliate website. They all are being hosted on some or the other platform. And, you should make money from a web hosting affiliate program.

So, if you are a blogger or a web designer who’s is teaching on youtube or other platforms on how to make a websites. Eventually, you are engaging your clients and audience to invest in a domain name and a hosting atleast. So, why not you make some decent amount of commission out of it. What say?

For instance, I am running a YouTube Channel by the name of Web Chronic where I am teaching my audience to work on different plugins, make money online and create awesome websites. And, at the same time I am associated with Siteground Hosting, which is best hosting platform in my opinion, so I am promoting Siteground Hosting through my affiliate link.

As, we all know YouTube or the internet itself is a great platform to reach the masses. Even if .001% of viewers click and buy the hosting I am recommending through my tutorials I’ll make decent commission.

How to get started with a hosting platform as an affiliate?

Important things to know before you apply for an affiliate with a Hosting Platform:

#1 Use The Hosting First Before You Recommend To Others

Please don’t just recommend the hosting because its giving a handsome amount of commission and you are not even aware of the performance of that platform. Don’t be greedy here, if the hosting you are using is giving you complete satisfaction to suggest to your family members then only recommend to your viewers because they also trust you like your family members.

#2 Don’t start too early

Atleast spend 6 months to know and understand the hosting platform. Talk to their support staff through calls or chat, keep a track on your website performance on that hosting, check the free offerings like SSL or Cloudfare, understand the control panel. Hosting is a complete package in itself and it’s a long term commitment. Be convinced first to convince others.

#3 Create a specific website to promote the hosting

Once you are satisfied with the results and ready to promote the hosting. Make a specific website where you will be promoting the hosting platform, or probably other themes or plugins through write-ups, blogs or videos. A website to promote affiliate links is a must have to get started.

#4 Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube channel certainly helps because it has more exposure and better SEO Ranking for your video then you can get through the blogs on google. YouTube is required because you can’t explain your audience how to buy a hosting or create a website through your blogs only because of the two reasons:

  • The blog will become too lengthy to ready and also you will take forever to write it.
  • Secondly, people prefer watching over reading, they understand better when a tutorial video is running in front on them and simultaneously they can take action which watching the tutorials.

How to promote web hosting using different channels?

#1 YouTube Channel

The first thing you need to earn in any business is “trust.”As discussed above as well “YouTube” is a great channel to promote a hosting platform or infact any other affiliate product.

As, viewers can see you and listen to you, in their back of mind they are judging you subconsciously, once they find you trustworthy, they will easily buy the hosting you recommend. Plus, you have a wider scope of audience on YouTube.

Well, if you are shy to face the camera you can make a tutorial only without being visible yourself. Your viewers can only view your computer screen and listen to you without looking at you.

In order to make YouTube tutorial videos you require the following two software which are free to install and pretty easy to use:

  • OBS Studio – Free software to record your computer screen just search for it on google.
  • OPENSHOT – Once your recordings are done, gather them all in OPENSHOT software and then do some editing & create awesome tutorial videos.

And once your video is ready to be uploaded on your YouTube Channel you have to create a Thumbnail for your YouTube Video, Learn how to make free and awesome thumbnails on Canvaclick here to watch the video. If you would like to know how to do that then Click Here to Learn How to Create Thumbnails for YouTube Videos.

#2 Website – Blogging & Videos

The second must use idea is to create a website where you can suggest hosting may be one or more through some comparisions. You can also share the videos which you have shared on YouTube and once you have a website you can use forums to promote your blogs.

#3 On Forums

You can promote your blogs on forums like Quora where you can answer queries of people who have asked something which is already related to your blogs. But don’t just only mention your link of your blog in the answer (Quora Can Block You On Such Activity). It is advisable to read the forum terms and policies first first before you stick your website link in any of the answers. Refer to this video to learn how to use Quora to promote your answers.

#4 Banner and text link ads on your website

Once you are associated with a hosting platform you get the access to use their banners and logos. Or some hosting even make HTML coding campaigns for you which is advised to use in the sidebar and also footer area.

Infact you can create a specific blog or on homepage you can use this banner. As you can see in my website I am using in the Sidebar as well as on Footer Area to promote Siteground Hosting.

#5 Email marketing

Once you have good amount of subscribers on your blog page, you can use this feature of Email Marketing. Trust me, Email marketing is not dead yet.

Middle age people still check their emails atleast once a day. And, they are keen on reading a quality content and good articles. So, you have a scope of that but don’t over do it or else they will unsubscribe or spam you.

#6 On Social Media

Social media is like a blood to human body now a days. You snatch their phone for one day they will go bonkers without it. Technology has taken over the human touch from things.

In this era there are two set of groups of human kind. One, who is addicted and the other who is making them addicted. So, be on the latter side of the coin and get some business by promoting your blogs and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media platforms.

My personal recommendation is a Facebook Page – you get great results through Facebook marketing.

#7 Personal Recommendation

It certainly helps, word of mouth works. Old technique but not obsolete. You can suggest people the best hosting platform and request them to use your affiliate link for purchases. But it’s a short term technique, you wont be able to reach masses using this technique.

The Conclusion

There you have it- A complete guide on how to get started as an associate with a hosting platform. The number one key is to be wise enough to use first what you sell, gain confidence and then sell it. Two things to live by in this Business is Consistency and Trust. Consistency means small steps every day no matter how small it is and Trust means don’t misguide your viewers to earn handsome commission.

From the Author:

In my opinion when it comes to picking up a webhosting and also the hosting I am using on my websites: My preference is Sitrground Webhosting because of the following reason: Excellent Speed, Friendly and Expert Support System, Free HTTPs Enforce, Affordable Price with No Hidden Cost, 24/7/365 No Downtime Faced, Cloudflare’s Free CDN and 24/7 Live Chat.

Let your audience Invest in the Best – So Be the Best for them.

Nimit Verma

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